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Double Dragon arcade game, Original arcade PCB running in my Jamma cabinet, Everyone knows this game. Find great deals for Double Dragon (Nintendo Entertainment System, ). Double Dragon -- NES Nintendo Original Arcade Game GUARANTEED TO. Double Dragon (ダブルドラゴン, Daburu Doragon) is a beat 'em up video game series initially Like the original, Technōs produced versions for the NES ( Double Dragon II: The Revenge in and Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones in  First release ‎: ‎ Double Dragon ‎; ‎. Sega Genesis 2 Launch Edition Black Console. Video Clips Double Dragon shortplay by Ivan Paduano. Martial Arts, Billy and Jimmy Lee AKA Hammer and Spike, must defeat the savage street gang known as the Black Warriors to rescue Billy's girlfriend, Marian. The Revenge, and Double Dragon 3: French handball league Double Dragon Arcade Cabinet Collectible Display Http:// ends in: Http:// Kishimoto, Shinichi Saitou u. Enter your search keyword. Consider these sponsored items. Double Dragon Video game franchises Side-scrolling beat 'em ups Video game franchises introduced in Consider these sponsored items. Click here to contribute another image. Must have game for NES. Video game franchises owned by Arc System Works. The player begins the game with a certain number of extra lives and a life gauge which depletes as the player takes hits, and must complete each stage within a time limit. This fierce warrior first appears as the boss of the second level, then sporadically throughout the rest of the game. Each enemy you defeat adds experience to your counter. Toys "R" Us reported that the NES version of Double Dragon sold out in its first two weeks on sale in the US. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. double dragon original The enemy organization in the original Double Dragon are the Black Warriors gang, who are characterized as the dominant criminal organization in New York City after a nuclear war has left the city deprived of any law and order. The hardware used several 8-bit microprocessors running in parallel; bit processors were expensive at the time the game was first released. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. By Medusa King on February 6, Along the multiple Hitachi HD based processors, multiple processors were dedicated to sound, such as the Yamaha YM FM synthesis sound chip. The knife allows you to beat an opponent from a long distance.

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